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ECOLOGICAL ARMAGEDON If we continue this way, we will leave NOTHING for the next generations

Scientists gathered around Kaspar Halman from the Dutch Radboud University in Najmegen analyzed data on insect dying in Germany over decades and warned that the number of insects has decreased by more than 75 percent since 1989.

In an expert journal “Plos One”, scientists from Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands rated their work as convincing and pointed to the danger of massive death of flying insects. As stated in their study, the disappearance not only applies to individual areas, but is a very widespread problem.

– Insects make up about one-third of all living beings in the world. Obviously we have contributed to the fact that wide areas become unsuitable for most lifestyles and go to ecological Armageddon. If we continue the path we have left, we will leave the very poor world to grandchildren – says David Gaulson, co-author of the study at the British University Saseks.

As a possible cause of the disappearance of insects, scientists state climatic factors, the increasing use of land for agricultural purposes, factors of living space.

Certainly, the use of fertilizers and plant protection products is likely to play a role, according to scientists, although there is no unequivocal scientific evidence for this assumption.

Scientists in the study found that the number of insects is decreasing more than they had assumed and that this could have devastating effects, as it affects other living beings and the ecosystem as a whole.

Although a new long-term study is needed to accurately determine the causes of insect dying, “we can not wait for these results to change the way we use the land, because it will already be late for some insects.”

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