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Different Strains of Cannabis

While the uninitiated may be unaware that there are different variants of marijuana, those who are in the know are aware that there are two main strains – indica and sativa, each with their own unique properties and producing very different effects on the human body. It is important to choose the right strain to achieve the effect that you desire, whether you’re looking for a euphoric experience or total relaxation, otherwise you’ll be very disappointed. These days, there are also countless hybrid strains which combine properties of both indica and sativa strains to achieve very specific effects, and therefore doing your research properly before you make your choice over which is the right strain for you is very important. Reliable suppliers such as the Canadian online dispensary Green Panther offer a great range of different strains so that you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs.

The Uses Of Sativa Strains

Sativa strains have a high content of THC with a lower amount of CBD and are known for their uplifting and powerful head high. Known to energize users, sativa varieties can stimulate creativity and promote feelings of well being as well as relieving migraines and headaches, reducing nausea, stimulating appetite and relieving depression. Sativa is the variant which is most commonly associated with recreational use, although it does have medicinal uses too.

The Uses Of Indica Strains

Indica has a naturally high level of CBD with a much lower amount of THC, and that is why it is especially useful for those who are medicinal users and who want to avoid the sensation of being high. Known for producing a relaxing effect on the body, Indica strains help to relieve aches and pains, aid sleep and reduces inflammation in the body while stimulating the appetite and reliving seizures and spasms.

The Uses Of Hybrid Strains

These days, new strains of marijuana are being introduced all the time as breeders create their own hybrids designed to combine specific traits of both indica and sativa strains. There can be no generalized list of hybrid strains since they vary widely depending on the hybrid chosen, but in general, most hybrids are rich in either indica or sativa.

Finding The Right Strain

It is quite easy to find a suitable strain to meet your requirements, and whether you need a strain which is indica dominant or rich in sativa, or a combination of both, there are varieties that are sure to meet your needs.

It’s possible to search online through dispensaries such as Green Panther for strains which have the characteristics that you require, and as online sites have a much wider range of strains than bricks and mortar stores, there is an extensive selection encompassing all of the most popular variants as well as less commonly known ones.

Some Of The Most Popular Strains

Some strains are universally popular, so here, we look at some of the best known and why they have achieved such a good reputation.

Northern Lights

With a pungent, spicy and sweet aroma, Northern Lights is is one of the most well known indica strains of all time. Perfect for medicinal use because of its powerful effect on chronic pain, this strain relaxes the muscles effectively while eliminating stress and depression, making this the ideal choice for anyone who is keen to just chill out.

Sour Diesel

This sativa rich strain gives a similar experience to Red Bull, and offers a unique yet pleasant aroma. Offering a burst of energy to the user, this strain is known for improving alertness and for increasing creativity, producing an inspiring, positive high.

Purple Haze

This potent strain is known for delivering impressive euphoria and a cerebral high which energizes and wakens creativity for a feeling of blissful contentment. It’s no wonder that this staple strain is so popular.

Purple Diesel

Prominent and popular, Purple Diesel is an impressive hybrid that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned users. Offering a balanced effect, this hybrid packs all of the punch of an indica, with a relaxing and uplifting high thanks to its high levels of THC. Ideal for promoting sleep, Purple Diesel can also treat nausea, depression, inflammation and chronic pain.

Strawberry Kush

This fruity hybrid tastes great and is easy to smoke, producing a relaxing feel without impacting on productivity and function. This is a great social smoke and is smooth and tasty.

There are many more excellent strains out there, and if you visit Green Panther you can find out more about which would best suit your needs.

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